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Anti theft GPS alarm for your bike and quads

Relax, if something happens to your bike, Atlantis MOTO will alert you on your mobile (App).


With Atlantis Moto you will always have your motorcycle under control from your mobile phone. You can check your geolocation in real time. Thanks to the internal sensors available, it will also warn you – in real time – if someone moves it or try to steal it, or if you are speeding, etc. And with the external sensors available (included depending on the version chosen), it will also warn you if your bike is thrown to the ground, or you can activate an automatic warning in case of accident, etc.


No service fees. No commitments or permanence

Install Atlantis Moto on your motorcycle, download the free Atlantis Moto App (available on the App Store and Google Play), and you are ready to go! You will always be connected to your bike. You can manage everything from your mobile. No service fee is required.

Designed for your bike

Atlantis Moto is specifically designed for use on motorcycles. It has an ultra low consumption while the bike is parked. You will not have to worry about your bike’s battery, you can have your bike protected even if it’s parked for a long time, and ready to roll whenever you want.

Expand your system

From your Atlantis Moto App you can remotely activate external accessories such as an additional siren or starting motor lock.
Check the available accessories at your trusted dealer.

Download your App

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Unauthorized movement Alert

When Atlantis MOTO detects that someone is moving your bike without your consent, or that it’s being towed away (trailer, crane, etc.), it will notify you immediately so you can act as soon as possible.

Sabotage Alert of your bike’s battery

Atlantis MOTO will warn you if it detects that the battery has been disconnected from your motorcycle. When you take your bike to the shop, you can turn off this warning.

Low battery warning

When Atlantis MOTO detects that your motorcucle’s battery level is very low, it will warn you. Yo can set the minimum battery level to be notified. Peace of mind is priceless.

Internal safety battery

Atlantis MOTO has an internal safety battery. So, if your motorcycle battery is running low, because it’s old, or you left something connected, Atlantis Moto will warn you.

External sensor activation Warning 

When Atlantis MOTO detects activation of an external sensor that you have installed (such as fall detection system, etc.), it will notify you or the people you have defined as your trust group.

Speeding Warning 

If your Atlantis MOTO detects that your bike exceeds the maximum speed you have set in the app, it will notify you. Share your bike if you want, but keep it under control!

Remote Activation of External Accessories

You can activate any external accessory you have installed: siren, starting motor lock, etc. (accessories not included) from your mobile, through the Atlantis MOTO App.

Anti-Jammer Sensor

Your Atlantis MOTO is able to detect if a signal jammer/inhibitor is being used nearby. You can then activate an external accessory such as the siren (not included), and the app will notify you when cell signal is available again.

Notice of entry and / or exit zone

Define a perimeter of 50, 100, 200 … meters from your location or your bike’s. When your Atlantis MOTO detects that you enter or leave that established perimeter, it will notify you.

State of emergency

You can track your motorcycle in real time in case it’s towed away or stolen. Atlantis Moto app will send you the location every “x” seconds. This period can be adjusted at any time.

Guide to your bike

This feature, available in your Atlantis MOTO App, will show you the route to your bike from your current location.

Unauthorized Displacement

This feature automatically activates an area where you leave your bike parked. Atlantis MOTO will warn you if you motorcycle leaves the area.

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