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Prevent your bike being stolen! or your car! …motorhome or machinery…

  • Recieve an alert if someone moves your vehicle without your authorization
  • Recieve an alert when the main battery power is cut/disconnected or discharged
  • Internal Battery low level warning
  • Speed limit warning
  • Alert when any digital input is activated: theft, SOS, accident or crash sensor, etc.
  • Remote activation of any digital output: (siren, warning lights, motor starter blocking, etc.)
  • Real time geographic location on a digital map

We have a wide range of accessories to enhance the safety of your vehicles and your protection



Efficient management and control of your company vehicles

Atlantis delivers fast and effective solutions for the complete management of your vehicles fleet, and is adequate for any professional activity. With Atlantis Fleet you will manage and control your mobile resources , significantly reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

We have specific solutions for: technical and repair services, sales force, transportation, equipment, vehicle rentals, pay per use , etc.

Atlantis Fleet provide detailed real time and automated reports online, which are simple and easy to read and will help you take the right business decisions.


Great Benefits

  • Real time tracking
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase ROI of your mobile resources
  • Improve the visit circuit of your sales reps on the road
  • Improve response time of your technical service personnel
  • Eliminate waiting times and unnecessary travel

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